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3 Important Things To Compare When You Shop For A New Wine Refrigerator

If you entertain frequently at your home, or if you just enjoy sampling a variety of wines, you may want to keep a collection of wine on hand in a wine refrigerator. This ensures you'll always have wine for the company and that it is the perfect temperature so you don't have to wait for the wine to chill. Here's a look at things to compare when you're shopping for a wine refrigerator.

The Bottle Capacity

Wine refrigerators come in different sizes. Some hold only a few bottles while others can hold dozens. The capacity of the refrigerator affects its size, so you'll need to know where the refrigerator will be installed and how much space is available so you buy the right size for your new wine refrigerator.

Refrigerators that hold many bottles are free-standing floor models while smaller refrigerators sit on your countertop or are installed under the counter.

The Refrigeration Zones

If you like to store a variety of wines, then you may need a refrigerator that has different cooling zones. There are ideal storing temperatures for different types of wine, so learn how wine should be stored for the longest lifespan and determine how many zones you need. You might only want a single-zone or dual-zone refrigerator, but multiple zones are also possible.

The Method Of Cooling  

You have two choices when it comes to how wine refrigerators maintain the temperature of your wine: a compressor refrigerator and a thermoelectric model. Each has its advantages. A wine refrigerator that operates with a compressor works like a standard refrigerator except it doesn't get quite as cold.

This type of refrigerator is able to maintain a constant temperature since the compressor cycles on and off as needed. Maintaining a constant temperature is important for wine storage. Plus, these refrigerators can hold a large number of wine bottles, so if you plan to have a large collection, you'll probably need to buy a compressor-style refrigerator.

The main drawback to this type of wine refrigerator is that it creates vibrations when the compressor kicks on and off, and the vibrations could slowly shorten the lifespan of the wine. If you plan on long-term storage and you don't need a large refrigerator, you may prefer a thermoelectric model.

A thermoelectric refrigerator doesn't create vibrations since there is no compressor. Instead, electrical current is used for cooling. However, this style of refrigeration has some drawbacks too. It takes longer for wine to cool down and the refrigerator has to run constantly to maintain a constant temperature rather than cycle on and off as the compressor refrigerator does.

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