Sip and Enjoy

Beer Shopping Strategies For Your Next Party

If you are ready to drink a few beer bottles with your friends this holiday season, shopping for innovative and classic beer styles that are featured at a distribution center may be of interest. Decide how much beer you will need for your gathering and choose refrigerated or non-refrigerated alcoholic beverages to purchase.

Manufacturers And Product Sizes

Your favorite beer manufacturers are likely still producing the varieties of beer that got you interested in a particular company in the first place, but may also feature some new brew flavors that will be well-received by you and your friends. Research new varieties that will be available on the date that you plan on shopping for party supplies. Decide how much beer you will be in need of and contact a local distributor.

A distributor may feature kegs, half kegs, cases, twelve-packs, six-packs, and singles. If you are going to stick to one or two varieties of beer and many people will be attending your holiday function, you may be best off by buying kegs or half kegs. These products will provide many servings of beer, plus may cost less overall than purchasing individual six-packs or other limited quantities of alcohol.

Beer Types And Freshness Dates

A beer distributor may feature refrigerated cases and floor stock. If your social gathering won't take place for a while, purchasing non-refrigerated beverages won't be an issue. If the party will take place right away, however, you most definitely will want to buy some products that are chilled and ready for everyone's enjoyment. Check out the expiration date on the products you wish to purchase.

Mix-And-Match Products

If you wind up going to the distributor but are still uncertain about what to purchase, you can try out a wide array of products. Some distributors offer a 'mix-and-match' service. This service allows consumers to select individual bottles of beer and place them inside the same carry case. This shopping method works best if a small amount of alcohol is going to be purchased. When you arrive at the distributor, ask if a 'mix-and-match' shopping option is available.

If some of the single bottles of beer look appealing to you, select some of them and fill up a cardboard carry case with all of the brew types. Save the containers your beer came in to place empty bottles in at the end of your party. This will allow you to easily transport the empty bottles to a local recycling center.

For more information, contact a local beer store.