Sip and Enjoy

What You're Looking for in Beer

If you want to buy beer, you'll find quickly that there are several brands and makes to consider. You can buy beer from your local brewery or via a specialty store, liquor store, or even your local grocery store if they sell beer and wine there.

Don't get stuck in a beer aisle wondering what to buy when it comes to beer; use this guide to help you choose the right beer for your home. Craft beer is a beer that is made in smaller batches and is often made by a small brewery company, while domestic beer is a beer that is made in your own country. Imported beer is beer that is made out of the country and is then shipped in. Now that you know some of the correct terminology for beer, you can start choosing beer for your own needs.


How strong you like beer to taste will determine its flavor. Dark beer is going to have a more bitter flavor, while a lighter beer or a pale beer is going to have more of a wheat flavor. There are additives to consider as well, such as hops, fruity or floral essences, or even additives like vanilla. Explore different flavors in the richness you like to determine what craft beer or imported beer, or even domestic beer, will work out best for you.


Beer can be made as strong as some lighter wines or can be made very light so the effect isn't a strong drunk but more like a lighter buzz. When you buy beer, buy different strengths of alcoholic content so you can have a beer that is lighter to enjoy for dinner and other beer flavors that are great for a barbecue or to use to relax and unwind after a long day. The right beer strengths will allow you to feel the relaxation you desire without it being so alcoholic you can't have more than one.

Always drink responsibly and avoid operating heavy machinery, driving, or doing activities that require focus and attention when drinking. Keep beer and all other alcoholic beverages out of reach of children. This way, you have the best results in your drinking experience.


Just like there are dinner and dessert wines, there are dinner and dessert beers. If you want a lighter and fruity beer for dessert, think of hard ciders or other fruit-based beer. If you want something dark and robust for dinner beer, then stick to a lager or darker beer.